• Plusvital Equina Racing Pellets

Plusvital Equina Racing Pellets

New product

Composed dietary suplement, source of high quality protein (including essential amino acids).

It contains fatty acids, water soluble vitamins, minerals and other traces that help the horse get amounts enough in their diet.

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It provides 13% of daily protein needed by an adult animal.

It also provides high-quality protein (at least 1,000 mg of methionine and more than 2,500 mg of lysine per measure) and vegetable oils rich in fatty acids, soybean in amounts of 60g per measure.

In addition, PLUSVITAL Dry naturally contains vitamin B suplement from brewer's yeast.

Important: Although the PLUSVITAL Dry contains salt, cannot replace common salt stone.

Mix with daily ration. 6 kg container

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