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CC MIX is a premium quality food for horses in competition time, horses that need to regain volume and muscle mass.

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Produced with carefully selected raw materials, which are selected one by one to different processes of predigestion.

CC MIX contains unsaturated oils with high antioxidant power.

With Extruded Rice.

High digestible protein, from extruded soybeans, sweet whey and pea. Enriched with essential amino acids (Lysine and Methionine).

Extrusion guarantees the maximum pregelatinization of cereal starches, so its digestibility exceeds 95%.

Optimal electrolytic balance prevents overproduction of lactic acid. It provides all the vitamins and chelated minerals (Fe, Mn, Zn and organic selenium).

Enriched with MOS (Mananosoligosaccharides). MOS is an extract from yeast linin that acts as a bio-regulator of the intestinal flora eliminating pathogenic bacteria, thus contributing to reduce digestive problems.

Totally free of fine particles. Symbiosis of Biotin, Niacin and Folic Acid.

Composition: Extruded soybean, oats, peas, corn, wheat bran, grass hay, barley, beet molasses, wheat, mineral calcite, soybean husk, alfalfa, vegetable oils, carrot, sweet whey, beet pulp, Extruded rice ...

It does not contain any substance prohibited by the FEI nor by the Jockeys Club of Great Britain

Crude protein15%
Crude Oils and Fat7%
Crude Fibre9%
Crude Ash7%
Biotin1,56 mg
Choline225 mg
Niacin0,37 mg
Panthotenic Acid0,15 mg
Folic Acid1,5 mg
E.D.3060 kcal
Vitamin A18000 Ul
Vitamin D31500 Ul
Vitamin E190 mg
Vitamin B13 mg
Vitamin B27,5 mg
Vitamin B63 mg
Vitamin B1230 mcg
Ferrous Chelate12 mg
Manganese Chelate7,5 mg
Zinc Chelate37 mg
Organium Selenium1,1 mcg
Hierro105 mg
Yodo0,90 mg
Cobalto0,51 mg
Cobre12,50 mg
Manganeso31 mg
Zinc83 mg
Selenio14,85 mcg
Beta glucans1,3 g
MOS1,2 g
Yeast Extract

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