Our philosophy of work

Canterwalk's working philosophy is to work for and for each of our customers, offering them a range of top quality products with a personalized service and attention, because the greatest asset of Canterwalk are its customers.

Canterwalk Equine Nutrition

Canterwalk Goals

The main nutritional goal of the Canterwalk feed line is the prevention of digestive pathologies. As a result of nutritional designs perfectly balanced and adapted to the needs of each stage of a horse's life, we use rigorously selected noble raw materials always seeking to maximize nutrient digestibility.

Finally we shape our products using state-of-the-art technological processes in the production phase, resulting in pellet feed a top quality granulation with an optimal matrix, absence of dust particles and thermostability of post-pelleting nutrients.

In the muesli format feed the applied extrusion process guarantees the maximum pregelatinization of the cereal starches, and therefore its digestibility exceeds 95%.

All this is corroborated by exhaustive quality controls.