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  • ACTIVITY is a premium quality food for sport horses. It is presented in 3.5 mm pellets of an excellent quality to maximize the digestibility and guarantee the homogeneity of the mixture. Read more below.

  • CC MIX is a premium quality food for horses in competition time, horses that need to regain volume and muscle mass. Read more below.

  • FOALS is a top-quality food for foals from 3 months to 15-18 months. Produced with carefully selected noble raw materials. Read more below.

  • COMPLET DIET is a top quality food designed to balance cereal diets. Read more below

  • Canter Coat Shine helps repel grass stains, mud and soiling and provides an oil free shine, leaving the coat non-greasy.

  • The oil contains natural source of soluble vitamins A & D which are essential for healthy growth. High in natural polyunsaturated fatty acids. Regular feeding will promote healthy growth and well being giving a gloss and shine to the coat. Read more below...

  • GOLD MIX is a premium quality food for competitive horses. It is produced with selected raw materials, which are subject to different process of predigestion. Read more below.

  • PREMIUM is a premium quality food for competitive horses, pregnant mares during the last third of gestation and lactation, horses that need to recover muscle mass or morphological contests. Read more below.

  • Pure vegetable oils for long lasting shine and elasticity of the hoof horn. Protects against the crumbling of the hoof walls and prevents any hoof-problems. The Brush-on Pack enables easy, quick application and helps you keep hands and grooming kit clean. Content: 450 ml

  • Powdered dietary supplement that nourishes the hoof. Appetizing for its high roasted malt content. It has been found that biotin (vitamin H) plays a very important role in the formation and maintenance of hoof and with it administration prevent or cure many disease processes thereof. Read more

  • MODERATE is a premium quality food for moderate training horses. Read more below.

  • Concentrated and fragrantly medicated. Nourishes the skin and hair leaving a silky soft winning shine. Packaging: 1 and 5 l

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